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Storage Facilities

Velefarm owns almost 50,000 m2 of most advanced storage space. The storage of medications and other products from our portfolio is performed through a system of one central and a several local distribution centers. The company has fully implemented the high pallet racking system concept for storage of pallets. This system and controlled storage conditions allow easy and handling and full preservation of original product properties.

All centers have standardized ramps and forklifts for loading and unloading of products from the trucks and manipulating of the pallets within the warehouse. Distribution centers are equipped with cold chambers and other technical facilities needed for preserving temperature-sensitive products.

Specialized Warehouses:
• Cold chamber (2-8ºC)
• Storage space with temperatures below 15ºC
• Narcotics storage

Separate Storages for:
• Flammable and explosive materila
• Toxic materials
• Veterinar products
• Dental products

Special Storages:
• Quarantine
• Private bonded warehouses
• Consignment stock