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About Us

Velefarm is the reliable partner of biggest domestic and international producers of medications, medical equipment, medical devices, parapharmaceuticals, and specialized medical programs products.

Region-wide distribution network in Serbia, Republic of Srpska and Montenegro allows us to deliver the products in the shortest possible time.

Our business processes are conducted in compliance with the Good Distribution Practice. In the year 1999 Velefarm was the first Serbian company in the industry to implement a certified quality management system. In the segment of products, processes and services our business activities are fully standardized and comply with to international certificates EN ISO 9001:2008, EN ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001.

Velefarm owns the largest, cutting edge storage facilities equipped with specialized chambers. Our transport vehicles are also equipped to fulfill all specific requirements for these types of products. Velefarm’s corporate slogan ‘In the Service of Health’ is realized every day in all segments of our business activities. More than 600 employees – many of them top experts in their respective fields – pharmacists, physicians, economists – make sure that each medication arrives at the right destination in a timely manner. Velefarm focuses its mission toward, its partners, suppliers, clients, academic and healthcare institutions, all the way down to end consumers of medications and other products from its rich portfolio. Corporate values are aimed at perpetual of our business activities, permanent education of our employees, innovation of our equipment and procedures and monotoring and applying of most advanced scientific knowledge and techniques in trade of medical products.

Manufacturers, clients and numerous other entities we cooperate with recognize Velefarm as the best partner for the realization of their business plans, resulting in long-lasting success and hundreds of millions of Euros in turnover.